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Mar 19, 2013 5:00pm PDT
possibilities. santa rosa cutting one- quarter of 1 in.. and tomorrow you will see that one-third of 1 in. to 1/2 of 1 in. for most locations. concord one-third of 1 in.. and san jose we are not going to pick up much more. spot the shower activity and as for the sierras the snowfall totals for quantity only at the higher elevations at 7,000 ft. or higher are. most of this will be rainfall. the same for the 5:00 p.m. hour the snowfall will continue for the later morning hours. just 7,000 ft. as we go towards wednesday and afternoon. we are not going to get a lot of snowfall but the higher elevations could be getting about one- half feet. they looked at your extended forecast. thursday, friday, a with- the--a look a your extended forecast with 60s for the weekend. with more cloud coverage returning. showers possibly by mid week. >> our weather seems real nice compared to much of the east coast. look at this hail-storm in mississippi. you can hear it too. (pelting) >> this is in jackson mississippi. much of the state got pounded with hail - some of it the size of softballs. some cars had their win
Mar 20, 2013 5:00pm PDT
.76. nearly one-half inch in santa rosa and less everywhere else. as we take a look at the stormtracker 4 just some showers over the east bay but some showers also under the radar. some drizzling conditions along the coast. here is a live look outside from the bay bridge toll plaza a dreary picture you can see how darkish it is. as we take a look at the golden gate to the visibility is not that good. shell reconditions near san francisco but they are underneath a radar. as far as visibility? not that great. with reduced visibility visibility in half moon bay because of those shower activity at this hour. the satellite and radar with most of the rain to the shop east. still some we were to shower cast chances and timing it out just coming up. >> catherine: kron 4's justine waldman not take place this year. also, this equipment failure of underground cable. all power has been restored. the organization that puts on this mission district celebration folded. leaving many to wonder if the event would ever happen again. sot will there be carnaval this year? yes there is! as the new man in charge say
Mar 21, 2013 5:00pm PDT
and the front it is going to be breezy. right now, 60s for the most part. and antioch. 67 in santa rosa but definitely cooler along the coast. temperatures in the 50s a look at the current wind speed 12 m.p.h. in half moon bay 21 in oakland 16 in hayward. these are sustained. gusting conditions more than what this map is showing. as we take a look at the weather headlines it is stained windy and clear. and warmer temperatures in fact that warming trend will continue for the weekend. how warm it is going to get. >> catherine: demolition crews have started tearing down the old elevated portion of doyle drive right before the approach to the golden gate bridge. it's been closed to the public since the new tunne went in last year. crews are breaking up the old asphalt, tearing out rebar and removing the support steel. the work started this week and will continue for several months. eventually new north-bound lanes will be built - finishing in 2015. san francisco's symphony strike moved into its 9th day today ♪ >> catherine: a handful of striking musicians pulled out their instruments and
Mar 18, 2013 5:00pm PDT
. rob fladeboe, kron 4. >> catherine: a north bay community is mourning the the death of a santa rosa teenager. he was one of two people killed by an out of control race car at a northern california race track saturday night. the driver of that related to one of the victims. new tonight-- kron4's maureen kelly talked to the family. here you can see the growing memorial in front of the victim's family business.with candles, flowers.and stuffed animals. and messages to the victim.14 year old marcus's one sign that says our sunshine.and shows a picture of marcus.who is standing on the left.with other family members.including his nine year old brother. here's a message in chalk has his racing number.18.and says you will be forever in our hearts. another message to his cousin who was driving the car that killed johnson.which says we love you chase, stay strong. i spoke to the grandparents of both boys.who you see here in this photo.marcus on the left, and chase on the right.they were too overwhelmed to go on camera.the grandfather says that the acciddent wa
Mar 25, 2013 5:00pm PDT
in napa. and santa rosa, 61 degrees. '70s in antioch. but upper 50s closer to the coast certainly cooler. daly city. and as we take a look outside at the san mateo bridge this evening. clouds moving in. low clouds and cloudy conditions over most of the bay area. the clouds are increasing. this system is offshore. and we do have some rain offshore that is moving towards the coast. if we do see any showers is going to be very light. most of the rainfall will be missing us... with the increase and sea breeze and fog coverage tonight. mostly cloudy tomorrow and that a better chance of rainfall later this week. will time it out on futurecast and your weekend forecast with possible rainfall. >> pam: a rally on the marriage in front of the u.s. supreme court. we are there, live and a crowd gathering of side of the high court as they are hoping to grab a seat inside. and boeing to see if a battery system improvement will help. >> pam: coming up. a rally about to get underway in san francisco.just before same- sex marriage takes center supreme court. kron4 crews are live. why they're hoping to gr
Mar 22, 2013 5:00pm PDT
. santa rosa, upper 60s. '70s in fairfield and antioch. here is a look at the sierra nevada if you're going to go skiing? some great skiing. high of the fifties by sunday and you are goingo want your sunscreen and sunglasses and dress in layers. maybe perhaps just in your t-shirts by the afternoon at kirkwood received some fresh powder over the last couple of days. your kron 4 7 day around the bay we talked about that sunshine and saturday, sunday plenty of sunshine you. temperatures are going to be more mild. also a bit cooler. but pretty nice. you can see that we are cooling down for tuesday, wednesday. there are chances of showers on thursday these forecast models are trending a bit more wet but this weekend is looking fantastic. and it is the first full weekend of spring. enjoy it and get outside, catherine. >> catherine: thank-you, anny. you can catch up on the latest news, forecast and traffic conditions whenever it is convenient for you on our 24/7 bay area news channel. watch live on or on comcast channel 193. and our facebook page -- we asked you to send in your
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6